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We're Josh and Jessica Brown, lovers of audiobooks, hamburgers, travel, and our three little kids (although not necessarily in that order.)  We’re based in Fairfield County, CT, and love helping people make the most out of their travel, from day trips to summer breaks.

We're new to the Northeast, having relocated in 2017 from Phoenix, Arizona.  We're eager to explore the corner of the country we now call home.

Since we got married in 2005, our wanderlust has taken us from Bariloche (Argentina) to Kyoto (Japan), Sedona (USA) to Bergen (Norway), and many places in-between.  From 2012-2014 we lived in Southwest London, and did our best to rack up miles, both on the road and in the air, all around Western Europe.

While we love international travel, we're just as passionate about exploring the area around where we live.  We may dream about hopping on a plane to an exotic destination, but our weekends are filled with trips in our messy minivan to local parks, beaches, museums, and trails.

We started this website to chronicle our adventures, share our best tips and tricks, and encourage others to embrace the Northeast alongside us.

Read more about our particular travel style and what we've been up to, travel-wise, until now.