We're Here in the Northeast!

Well…we’re here.

Losing three hours of our Saturday in our trade of Pacific Time for Eastern Time, we touched down in Hartford about 10:00 PM last night to begin our Northeastern adventure.

Our oldest daughter Caroline decided to make our last few days in Phoenix a bit more dramatic by falling off a fence and breaking/dislocating her elbow. 


After more than 24 hours in the hospital we were released just in time to make a cameo appearance at her dance recital on Friday night before setting off for the airport on Saturday morning.


The flights themselves were as uneventful as any flights can be when you’re flying with three children under 7.  Caroline, arm in a splint, made a friend in her seat mate, a young girl flying by herself for the first time.  Juliet insisted on singing songs from Trolls at an unreasonably high volume, and Miles alternated complete sweetness with an airport tantrum.  Sometimes fun, sometimes exasperating, we’re off to a good start.

As Jessica wrote a few weeks ago, we will miss our old life in Phoenix terribly, but we’re excited to start fresh in Connecticut.  We have arrived.  

Now, does anyone know a good pediatric orthopedist in Fairfield County?