New Here

AND here we go.

New website.  New project.  By early June we'll be in a new state, new house, new corner of the country.

We're the Brown family - just a family of five who likes to travel.  You can read more about us here.  We found out last fall that we'd be relocating from Arizona to Connecticut.  Before long we'll have traded our pool for a big grassy backyard, and cacti for fall foliage.  We're excited for new experiences, but sad to leave a lovely and rich life in Phoenix.

Why this website?

After all, we have jobs, small children, an old needs-work house, travel plans, and a big cross-country move to occupy our time.  

Well, we both realized separately we were itching for a creative project - something that would stretch our skills as we tinkered away at it together. This here website combines our passions and interests - travel, family, trip planning, photography.  And we're excited to start.  We know it's a baby.  We know only our parents are reading.  But it's still fun to build something from scratch and watch it come together.

The Northeast has so much to offer, from the beaches of the Atlantic to the autumn color tours.  We're eager to jump right in, and write about it along the way.